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Welcome to the Norwood Village website.

This site is an archive of information and documents about the village including such things as village by-laws and covenants, maps, and minutes and reports associated with the various meetings held by the village and its board of trustees. It also contains announcements and other information about current village activities.

We trust that you will find this information informative and useful.

A New Little Free Library In Norwood Village


Woodridge's first Little Free Library was 'planted' in front of the Wick/Weiss house April 30.

Come check it out. 12334 SE 23rd PL. Take a book, enjoy, bring another to share.

Thank you Brendan, Cathy, Gavin & Annika Smith for building it.

Do You Have Norwood Village Historical Documents?

We are sharing several new and interesting pieces of Norwood Village history as noted above. Do you have articles, documents, or other historical items about Norwood Village that you would be willing to share?

If so, please email us at norwoodvillage@gmail.com.

We will be happy to make arrangements with you to scan your materials and then promptly return the originals to you.

Tips From A Burglar

A King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney prepared a list of recommendations for avoiding burglaries she obtained from a career burglar. Good information from a Pro!

Woodridge Blog/My Woodridge Community on Facebook

A blog website has been created for Woodridge Hill. Folks on the hill can add comments about a variety of topics related to Woodridge. A number of folks have been using Daily Hill Happenings to report crimes and other safety concerns on the hill.

There is also a Woodridge-related Facebook group, My Woodridge Community. It's another good way to keep in touch with friends and neighbors on the hill. A Facebook login is required to access this group.

We will maintain a link to these sites at the bottom of this page. Check them out!


Many files on this site are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Most computers have the required Acrobat Reader software already installed. If yours does not or if you wish to update to the latest version, Reader is available at no cost from Adobe or Foxit Reader..

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Page Updated: April 30, 2013